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Woven Wire Screens

Double Crimp

This mesh is crimped warp and weft, sprung together during the weaving process to provide a rigid mesh.


Most normal applications in mesh openings up to 25mm.      



Corrugated Crimp

This mesh has two crimps in warp and weft directions, between the intersections.


This type of weave is used to achieve a rigid mesh when the opening is large relative to wire diameter      



Lock Crimp

This mesh is similar to corrugated crimp with an additional crimp either side of the main crimp to give a firmly locked mesh.


This crimp will retain accurate opening throughout the life of the screen.      



Pressed Crimp Flat Top

This mesh has deep pressed crimps on alternative intersections providing a flat side to the mesh.


This mesh allows material to flow freely across the screen.      

Fitting of Mesh



It is important that the following information be given:

· Type of Material to be screened

· Number of screens required

· The overall dimensions of the screen mat - length & width

· The required mesh opening and wire diameter

· Is the screen flat or hooked (End Types)

· Hook type & Hook dimensions

· Is an overlap required

Note: costs can be reduced when ordering quantities of the same mesh.

When sending enquiries it would be helpful to send a drawing or sketch if possible.



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