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It comes with the following features


1. A receipt for the intended amount of deposit

2. Interior photo evidence of whether or not a deposit was made

3. Photographic evidence of who makes the deposit and when

4. Card-swipe access that records the time of deposit and card owner

5. Easy to use touch screen with Windows NT interface

6. Capable of receiving large amount

7. The use of conveyor to transfer cash envelope from the chest save to the inner cash room



Provide extra security for unattended and after-hours deposits

Let us design a custom rotary depository to fit your needs.

Great for applications including:

• Utilities

• Churches

• Restaurants

• Hotels and Motels

• Bowling Alleys

• Liquor stores

• Convenience stores



It comes with the following features:

1. The Night safe is envelope and bag depository

2. A single door provides the customer access to both operations

3. The envelope opening can be accessed without of a key

4. The bag opening can only be accessed with a key

5. A bag only opening is also available

6. It is unmanned



Security tamper proof envelope are design and customized in various sizes with varying

Printed information like the bank logo, customer’s details, cash denominations, teller number and signature as the case may be. The largest envelope is design to receive 2,500 pieces of any naira denominations.

The equipment is capable of reducing the human traffic in the banking halls. Give us a call today you will be glad you did.



The Dyegard is a patented device used to carry cash across the pavement or from one device to another in a protected way using ink to destroy the cash if the device is activated through not following the normal CIT (Cash In Transit) process e.g. in the case of a heist. What makes this device unique is that the Dyegard holds the ink as well as the electronics in the Dyegard device which means that the canister has no intelligence rendering it much cheaper than other options on the market as well as the fact that this device can be retrofitted on almost any other existing or new canisters by making a few modifications to the canister.



A smart safe typically consists of a cash validator/counter which drops money into an Escrow that in turn moves the money into an overnight storage compartment/safe. The value of the drop is then sent electronically via the GSM network to the clients bank for same day value to be credited to the client. 

The are a number of different types of validators /counters ranging from single note feeders all the way to bulk note devices that can process more than 6 notes per second (including the time taken to drop the cash into the safe). The products available range from devices that can store 1,000 notes (in a canister or self sealing bag) to 16,000 notes or more (multiple canisters or self sealing bags), if required. AGIC technologies prides itself in its patented Escrow design which allows for multiple bags and canisters as well as Forex solutions i.e. dropping different currencies into different canisters/bags. There are also numerous overnight storage options available ranging from portable plate safes to SABS approved categorized safes.

Our feature smart safe is the Teller Safe. The Teller safe is a high security, high speed, real time cash accepting device. Cash is deposited into the device and in real time, once the deposit is accepted, the information is sent to the clients nominated bank account using the GSM network and the account is then credited daily. The device hardware and transaction status can be monitored in real time via a web-interface and remote system upgrades and configuration can be performed. 

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